Realtor-Client Registration


Thank you for bringing your client to a Satterfield Builders home. By registering your client when you show our models, you will establish agency. If your client purchases any Satterfield Builders home in the neighborhood in which they are registered, you will be protected and receive a full commission. It is the policy of Satterfield Builders, that you as an agent of the client must be a licensed Real Estate Agent with an active license in the state of Idaho.

It is our mandatory policy that in order to get paid a Co–Broker commission, you shall meet the following requirements:

- Your client must be registered prior to visiting our community or be accompanied by you as the agent, at which time you must register your client at our model home with a Realtor–Client Registration form.
- Once the form is fully completed and submitted to the Satterfield Builders sales representative, this shall qualify your client as you being their agent.
- If the client visits our model home or makes direct contact (visit, phone call, email, etc) with us prior to you as the Real Estate Agent registering them, a commission shall not be paid to the Agent in the event the client purchases a home from Satterfield Builders.
- Prior to pricing or contracting on a new home, it is expected that agent will have executed a Buyer Representation Agreement so that buyer understands that a

Brokerage will be receiving a commission on the transaction.To avoid any misunderstanding involving agency and compensation, we will honor your agency for a period of (60) days from the date of registration.

We pay a commission rate (%) based on the published base price of the house as of the date the initial contract was written or total sales price whichever is less. The rate of commission shall be determined at the time of home contract. This includes all existing inventory and new construction in process. Options, upgrades, or lot premiums shall not be included in the base commission on the base house price.

Sales commissions will be delivered to the Designated Broker whose address is listed through the registration at the close of escrow.

Client Registration Form