New Home Orientation


Your homeowner orientation is an introduction to your new home and its many features. There will likely be last minute activity as we are working on finalizing the finishing touches and fine-tuning your home. What seems like a rush of activity is a normal part of the construction process.


When the closing process is complete and the deed is recorded, you will get the keys to your new home. This usually takes place later in the afternoon on the date of closing. The same key will operate both the knob and the deadbolt locks on all of your doors.
We recommend that you try all of the keys in all of your locks to confirm smooth operations. Depending on the number of family members living in the home, you may want to get extra copies of your house keys made.


Prior to closing on your new home, you will want to make sure you are scheduled to have all utilities transferred into your name. We will usually have power, gas, and water/sewer in our names when we are building a home in one of our communities, but if it is in another area, you may have placed utilities in your name previously. Below you will find the different utility companies that you will need to contact:

Idaho Power Company
301 E. Benton St.
Pocatello, ID 83204

Intermountain Gas Company
12584 W. Tyhee Rd.
Pocatello, ID 83202
Local Office (208) 637-6400

City of Pocatello Utility Department
(Water, Sewer, and Garbage - They require signing up in person, bringing a copy of the deed and a deposit is usually required)
911 N. 7th Ave
Pocatello, ID 83201
(208) 234-6241

Depending on location and availability, the following internet companies can provide internet service:

(Phone, TV, & Cable Internet)
204 W. Alameda
Pocatello, ID 83201
(208) 232-1784

(Phone, TV, & Internet)

truFiber (Now Direct Communications)

Direct Communications
(Fiber Internet)
150 S Main
Rockland, Idaho 83271
208 548 2345


Since many of the new homes we build are in a neighborhood serviced by a central mailbox unit, you will be required to bring a copy of the deed for the property to the United States Post Office located at 730 E. Clark St. in Pocatello where you will be able to pick up the keys to the assigned box.


Many homeowners choose to turn off the pilot light to their fireplace during the summer to save on gas. During the new home orientation, we will show you how to turn your fireplace on and off as well as how to ignite the pilot light. If you forget, there is a great walk through video you can review here:


We install a keyless garage door opener keypad just outside the garage door. This can be programmed to open either of the garage doors. We will show you this keypad during the walkthrough as well as how to program it. YOU WILL NEED TO ERASE THE CURRENT CODE AND PROGRAM A NEW CODE AFTER MOVING IN. REGISTERING A NEW CODE DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY DELETE THE OLD CODE. Click on the picture of the keyless opener that looks like the one on your house for printed instructions. If you forget, there is a great walk through video you can review here:


We install a pressure reducing valve on the water system of the home to maintain safe pressures for fixtures and appliances within the home. Some may feel they would like higher pressures in their house than they currently have. This can be accomplished by adjusting the pressure reducing valve. We will show you this valve during the walkthrough as well as how to adjust it. If you forget, there is a great walk through video you can review here: